5 Dishes to Try if You’re New to Indian Food

Trying a new cuisine for the first time can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. With so many different types of foods to choose from, where do you even begin? Every continent is renowned for certain types of food; we’ve compiled a quick list of five dishes that we think you need to try if you are a beginner to Indian food:

1. Samosas

The only way to describe these is like a crispy pastry filled with vegetables or meat, most commonly in the shape of triangles. While these may be small, they make the perfect snacks and are filled with flavor. They come in various forms and fillings, and there really is nothing like that first bite of a freshly made samosa.

2. Naan

This is a sort of flat-bread with a light, fluffy texture that is baked in a clay oven. Naan can be used to scoop up food (in place of cutlery) and can be eaten with everything from curry to breakfast. If you like bread, you will love this. The best way to eat naan is with a freshly made butter chicken dip; however, there are also different flavors of naan from garlic to keema. No Indian food is complete without naan.

3. Butter chicken

This consists of chunks of chicken that have been marinated in a mixture of spices and yogurt, then roasted and served in a tomato sauce. Although there are different variations of butter chicken, they are best served with naan. Indian food works because it combines ingredients that you would not regularly think to mix.

4. Biryani

This is a rice dish that can be served with vegetables or meat (or both). It consists of several different layers of rice which are mixed and cooked in an array of seasonings. Indian food is renowned for covering six different tastes: spicy, sharp, salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. Depending on how you make this dish, all of these tastes are sometimes present in Biryani.

5. Gulab jaamun

Indian food is not complete with this. Gulab jaamun is coated in sugary syrup and is the perfect ending to a meal full of spices. Although the sweetness can be slightly overwhelming for some, there really is nothing quite like it.

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