National Curry Week 2018

National Curry Week 2018 | All about Tikka Week

The first National Curry Week took place in 1998. It was all started to increase awareness of the growing Indian restaurant industry. Today, National Curry Week at Masala Wok continues to celebrate the flavors of the wok. There is a rich history in the flavors of the food. 

All About Tikka Week

At Masala Wok, we know that there are many ways to take part in curry week 2018. First, you can research the vast history of Tikka Week, the recipes and the traditional flavors of Indian and Asian cultures that make up what we today know as curry. The history of the flavors goes back to the heart of India.

You also can bring the wok home and make your very own curry. For National Tikka Week, we suggest a warm yellow chicken curry recipe that you can make at home. Sharing flavors with your loved ones is a great way to celebrate National Curry Week.

If you’re looking to celebrate curry week in your community, check out some local restaurants. Local Indian and Asian restaurants in your area create their flavors. At Masala Wok, we are offering a wide variety of traditional Indian and Asian flavors at all of our Masala Wok locations. You can sample any of our classic Indian curry entrees for $8, with lamb and shrimp added for $2, from Oct. 22 – 28 2018.

Then, make it a full meal by adding Mango Lassi or any soft drink and samosa for $3, which is discounted from our normal $5 value.

Make your National Curry Week second-to-naan and try something new as you go. Variations of curry are endless, so add something new to your dish to make it a whole new experience. Going more traditional by sticking to Indian spices and ingredients will give you a true taste of history. If you’re eating traditional curry, remember spicier sometimes is better!

To taste the years of history and combinations of flavor that have brought about today’s curry dishes, head over to a Masala Wok location and immerse your senses in delicious dishes.